Serum_euroopa_kaartWelcome to our highly professional and sustainable international company, which provides you with new, innovative, world-class body and facial equipment!

Sérum Body and Face Technology provides high-tech and high-quality body and facial equipment to all companies, salons, beauty centers and spas that offer beauty and body care services in the Baltic states.

Sérum Body and Face Technology sells its products and equipment in Estonia through authorized sales channels – reliable and experienced cooperation partners from Italy and France.


  • high-tech and high-quality BODY and FACIAL EQUIPMENT;
  • advanced personalized TRAININGS;
  • professional service and follow-up care for all equipment;
  • a portfolio of developed products and services;
  • follow-up support to companies offering beauty and body care services;
  • common marketing strategy and continuous cooperation. 

Besides our skills and a comprehensive overview of all products we offer friendly and personal trainings. The most important for us is the satisfied customer. We can achieve best results only through cooperation with the customer, to find a suitable service or body and facial care equipment with respect to the service they offer.

Sérum Body and Face Technology offers a wide range of modern and high-tech medical, cosmetic and spa equipment to solve a variety of aesthetic problems. The products are in different price categories and oriented to every budget. We always keep up with latest high-tech solutions, so that we can offer them to our customers.


•  introductory consultation and advice;

•  presentation of equipment;

•  delivery of equipment;

•  taking equipment into use;

•  instruction and training;

•  2-year warranty and technical support;

• supply of necessary components and materials


Your recognition and trust is the biggest incentive for us to always be the best and first in the beauty field!