Sérum Professional DermaPen

The latest and most effective micro-needle treatment device for skin renewal!

Sérum Technology DermaPen is a revolutionary miсro-needle therapy, that is performed with a handy device with tiny needles on its top. Such needles cause micro-trauma of skin, thus stimulating skin renewal and improving production of natural collagen and elastin.


Indications to Sérum Professional DermaPen:

  • Skin wrinkles and expression lines;

  • ageing and dull skin;

  • scars (incl. blemishes, striae and burning scars);

  • larger pores and uneven skin texture;

  • pigmentation;

  • cellulite.

Sérum Professional DermaPen is a minimally invasive procedure, when no injection is given. The skin starts healing itself due to micro-holes. The procedure results is tightened, smoothed and lifted skin, reduced wrinkles, smaller pores and it also reduces pigment spots and arms, and gives healthier complexion. In addition, it is ideal for applying serums and creams as after the procedure skin absorption of nutrients is boosted and improved up to 80%, ensuring the more effective result.

Depending on the skin type, the result is produced even a couple days after the procedure, though normally skin looks noticeably younger 6-8 weeks after, and the result lasts!

Sérum Professional DermaPen SET contains:

  • 1x Sérum Technology Dermapen;
  • Needles of the following sizes: 5x 12/ 10x 24/ 5x 36;
  • 2-year guarantee;

  • We also provide maintenance for our equipment in the post-guarantee period;

  • Estonian manual

Technical data:

  • Operating mode: impulses;

  • Adapter: 4.2V-500MA;

  • 2x lithium battery;

  • 5 speeds;
  • Size of the device body: 14.7×3.1cm;

  • Size of needles: 0mm – 2.0mm.