Sérum Professional CaviLaser+

Safe and effective top-notch slimming technology for beauty salons!

The increasing demand for younger-looking skin and better-shaped body have resulted in development of the top-notch technologies. CaviLaser+ is one of the latest Face and Body Treatment machines.

The market today offers a plethora of different non-invasive procedures, and we would like to introduce a new Sérum Professional CaviLaser+ technology, which combines in one machine 5 innovative top-notch face and body treatments, that make such procedures even more effective and enjoyable!

The EFFECT from Sérum Professional CaviLaser+ :

  • Reducing cellulite;

  • Shaping body;

  • Reduction of fat tissue;

  • Lifting and tightening of skin;

  • Improving metabolism;

  • Lymph drainage;

  • Treatment of wrinkles;

  • Skin lifting and tightening;

  • Skin tightening and smoothing, rhytides effacement.

Body and face beauty procedures, performed by Sérum Professional CaviLaser+:

  • Non-invasive FatTherapy, with 2x fat cavitation effect plus 940 nM laser liposuction for bigger fatty areas, such as stomach, thighs, legs, buttocks, inner and outside thighs;

  • Vacuum massage, combined with infra-red and bipolar RF, means cellulite treatment and skin tightening for arms, stomach, bras folds, thighs, legs, buttocks, inner and outside thighs and knee areas;

  • Anti-aging therapy for sagged face skin, chin and decollete;

  • Anti-aging therapy for sagged skin and swollen eyes, and anti-aging treatment for black eye rims.

Sérum Professional CaviLaser+ is a top-notch technological achievement, which combines 5 different technologies:

  • Non-invasive ultrasonic cavitation;

  • 940nm Infra-red laser system;

  • bipolar RF;

  • endermology;

  • safe and effective mechanical massage with rotating rollers, based on vacuum technology.

CaviLaser+ SET contains:

  • VacumShape bigger handpiece for body;

  • VacumShape smaller handpiece for arms and smaller areas;

  • CelluSlim (2x non-invasive cavitation and laser liposuction) handpiece for stomach, legs and buttocks;

  • Face roller – 2 handpieces (smaller and bigger);

  • Eye roller for eye rims;

  • Earthing wires;

  • Pedal for comfortable switch on-off;

  • 2-year guarantee;

  • We also provide maintenance for our equipment in the post-guarantee period;

  • Manual in Estonian;


Technical data:

  • LCD touch screen;

  • Operating mode: impulses

  • Speed of roller: 0-36rpm

  • RF frequency: 20MHz

  • RF Energy output: 60J/cm3 (maximum)

  • Cavitation frequency: 40,5kHz+28KHz

  • 4 bigger handpieces, 2 changeable handpieces.

  • Laser wave lengths: 635 nm

  • Infra-red light: 940 nm

  • Laser power: 20W (maximum)

  • Vacuum strength: 10kPa-80kPa