VacumShape treatment has been specially designed for splitting larger fat cells, thus improving the skin and enhancing metabolism, due to stimulation of collagen, production сellulite is reduced, the skin is tightened and becomes smoother.

Impact of Sérum Technology VacumShape:

  • Body correction – circumference reduction on thighs, stomach, buttocks and arms;

  • Blood circulation improvement;

  • Skin structure improvement and tightening;

  • Reduction of striae;

  • Postpartum recovery;

  • Recovery from liposuction surgery;

  • Oedema decrease;

  • Helps ease sore muscles;

  • Muscle tone increase.

By activating metabolism in fat tissue, VacumShape reduces fat cells, helping, at the same time, to tighten the skin. Bipolar radio wave and infra-red light penetrate dermis and sub-dermis layers and effectively fight fat tissue. Dermis and sub-dermis are heated to >42°C, causing veins to expand and fat cells metabolism increase. Such process prevents capsule formation in fat cells, the improved blood circulation and heat promote activity of fibroblast layer cells, producing collagen and elastin. Mechanical and vacuum massage stimulate work of fibres, which results in reduced deposits of fat and liquid in fibresThe skin surface is lifted, smoothed, tightened, and cellulite decreases.

The technology of Sérum VacumShape procedure:

  • bipolar radio wave – lifts saggy skin and acts as the best method of the skin texture improvement;

  • infra-red light – laser light stimulates сollagen and elastin production and transforms fat-storage cells;

  • vacuum massage – helps radio waves and infra-red light penetrate deep skin layers, stimulates metabolism;

  • mechanical massage – improves lymph circulation, breaks fat capsules and improves absorption of anti-cellulite cream.

Treatment principle of Sérum Technology VacumShape machine:

  • fights problematic areas and fat rolls on stomach, thighs and buttocks, which belong to most critical women’s areas as training and diets are mostly fruitless in the case;

  • makes skin more elastic, firm and visibly reduces striae in the treated area;

  • helps dispose of side effects after surgical liposuction, promotes and strengthens result of surgery;

  • due to the intensified blood circulation and lymph drainage fights oedema of legs;

  • the most efficient treatment for postpartum body correction (reduces cellulite, stretch marks, smooths the skin).

Technical data:

  • LCD touch screen

  • Operating mode: impulses

  • Speed of rollers: 0-36rpm

  • RF frequency: 1MHz RF

  • Output energy: 60J/cm3 (maximum)

  • 1 big handpiece and 1 smaller handpiece

  • Laser wave length: 940 nm Laser power: 20W (maximum)

  • 2-year guarantee

  • We also provide maintenance for our equipment in the post-guarantee period

  • Manual in Estonian