Sérum Technology FatTherapy 5in1

High technology, innovation and comfort!

Innovation and design in a beauty device – FatTherapy 5in1 combines 5 different high technology body and facial treatments. It is the perfect body care device for beauty salons, beauty centers or spas, offering different slimming body treatments and anti-aging tightening facial treatments. Satisfaction of the clients is guaranteed!

Sérum Technology FatTherapy 5in1 effects:

  • Intensive physical biolysis for decomposing and removing fat cells;

  • Quickening of metabolism;

  • Reducing of cellulite, cellulite massage;

  • Tightening of the skin;

  • Tightening and smoothing of facial skin, reducing wrinkles;

  • Tightening of the eye area and reducing of wrinkles.

FatTherapy 5in1 beauty procedures for face and body:

  • Nonsurgical liposuction based on a double cavitation effect and vacuum technology for stomach, love handles, legs, buttocks, inner and outer thighs;

  • VacumShape cellulite treatment that combines high class infrared 940 nM laser system technology, bipolar RF, vacuum technology and swirling rollers for invading the deeper layers of the skin to tighten the saggy skin on arms, stomach, bra folds, love handles, legs, buttocks, thighs and knee area;

  • Anti-aging treatment for saggy facial skin, chin and decolletage area;

  • Anti-aging treatment for puffy eye area and saggy eyelids.


Sérum Technology FatTherapy is the newest noninvasive body care device that combines 5 different technologies:

  • FatTherapy with focused vacuum technology and double cavitation based on an ultrasound method;

  • 940 nm infrared laser system;

  • Bipolar RF;

  • Vacuum technology;

  • Swirling rollers based on vacuum technology.

5in1 FatTherapy kit contains:Allan Leppikson / Reval Foto

  • VacumShape large nozzle for the body;

  • VacumShape small nozzle for arms and smaller areas;

  • FatTherapy nozzle for the stomach, legs and thighs;

  • Facial rollers – 2 nozzles (small and large);

  • Roller for the eye area;

  • Grounding wires;

  • Leg switch for comfortably switching the device in and out;

  • 2-year warranty;

  • Maintenance opportunity after the 2-year warranty;

  • User manual in Estonian;

  • Free training.

Technical information:

  • LCD touchscreen;

  • Operating mode: in impulses;

  • Speed of the rollers: 0-36 rpm

  • RF frequency: 1 MHz;

  • RF energy power: max 60 J/cm3;

  • Cavitation frequency: 40 kHz, 1M;

  • 4 large nozzles, 2 removable nozzles;

  • Laser wavelength: 940 nm;

  • Laser power: max 20W.